Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Just What We Need... More Conflict

Chinese female soldiers - decked out in U. N. blue mini-skirts, white pantyhose, super neat silver boots and American style Berets - all armed with machine guns. And they're all mad at Japan. But they haven't forgotten us. 

Guess what?

It's not just the Middle East getting ready to blow, it's the Far East also:

China and Japan have had a long-running territorial dispute over some a handful of islands. Over the weekend what had been a simmering issue turned into a real problem with Chinese rising up and doing something extraordinary: They are demanding WAR with Japan.
These are not just people waving signs either. They are burning Japanese-linked stores and factories, from sushi places to car dealers. Automobile owners are being ejected from their vehicles on a forcible basis and their cars destroyed. And while I'm sure some official agitation is involved this appears to have caught a number of people by surprise, including officials from Japan and the United States.
Behind this, once again, is rapidly-deteriorating economic "progress" in China. Once again rapidly rising inflation in a nation that has a per-capita GDP of about $4,000, where what we would consider small changes in food and energy cost literally put people into a situation where they are now hungry, can severely-destabilize a society.

The entire article here:


You should read it, because trouble is coming to us from across both oceans.

Remember, 98% of everything you buy at Wal-Mart and Target is made in China.

Look at the photo again... not a single American-style fat tub of lard female in the bunch. Asian Barbies, dressed to make you look first. That would probably be a bad idea.

The U. N. blue outfit? designed for American/European consumption.

There may be one - maybe many - of those in your future, in your town, keeping the peace... with full metal jacketed peace keepers.

There are stranger things afoot than you or I can imagine.

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