Thursday, September 06, 2012

Trust Him, Trust Me

Michelle Obama wants us to waltz into the voting booths full of trust come November.

You know the old saw... A picture is worth a thousand words?

That's why photos are so carefully selected and photoshopped to give the impression of sweetness, and kindness, and gentleness... all those "nesses" Pollyanna wants in her elected officials.

But look at the unretouched and unfiltered photo below:

That's Michelle Obama eyeballing all those  brainwashed Democrats at the DNC applauding whatever it was she had just said. I have no clue what she was thinking, but it certainly wasn't kind thoughts. Look at her eyes. The woman looks just plain evil.

Does that look like someone you want to trust? Her or the man she chose to follow/lead?

If you are a Progressive/Socialist/Communist... yes. She and Barry are your cup of tea. If you are an American  who believes in the Republic, your goal this election is to boot these two out.

You gotta remember: She is an admitted Communist radical, no more or less than her husband.

Future historians will shake their heads in amazement and wonder how she and her husband ever managed to take the American White House... even once.


texlahoma said...

That's the same pic I stole, I mean used, in my Fag Hag post.

It makes me think of that saying (and new book)
"Fool me once, shame on you, fool me twice shame on me."

Bob said...

I never steal anything.

I just occasionally make a long-term temporary acquistion.

Galt-in-Da-Box said...

I think we're looking at unbridled, imperial corruption and tyranny no matter what happens, but MOOCHelle never struck me as anything other than the emblem of a nation with little conscientious similarity to its founding principles.

Bob said...


Don't you mean none?

She's not an emblem of this nation: She represents her ilk in Africa. After all, she refers herself as an African-American... Africa first, America second.

And she does despise America, she has said so.

She doesn't like you either.