Thursday, August 16, 2012

Another 30 Day War?

Yessir, with soldiers like the one above(And all those U. S. aircraft carriers), those Iranians won't even last ten days.

Israel is talking of a 30-day war with Iran.

Matan Vilnai, who is stepping down as Israeli home front defence minister to become ambassador to China, said the country was “ready as never before”.
“The assessments are for a war that will last 30 days on a number of fronts,” he told the Maariv newspaper.
“It could be that there will be less fatalities, but it could be there will be more, that is the scenario that we are preparing for according to the best experts.”

Oh hell yes.

Remember Bush's 30-day war with Iraq?

How'd that work out?

You gotta think that  - after all the mistakes make by other Arab States - that Iran has learned at least a few lessons on how to make an Israeli/American attack on their territory not go as planned by the think tanks in  Washington and Israel.

I suspect the Iranians have a couple things up their sleeves that - at the very least - will badly bloody our noses.

Think of  WMD's already smuggled into the U.S. across our porous southern border, well hidden and ready to use by Arab/Muslim agents here in the U.S., quietly awaiting orders.

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