Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Tongue In Cheek

Of all the things I could say, none of them are acceptable on my blog. I would delete myself.

The Queen of Bling hits the front cover in Spain. However, her reign in Spain may be over.
A Spanish magazine landed themselves in the middle of a racial controversy over a Photoshopped picture of First Lady Michelle Obama on the cover of their latest issue. The picture places Mrs Obama's face in a 1800 portrait of a slave with an exposed breast, and Magazine de Fuera de Serie likely knew the image was going to stir up controversy. The editors may have had a different message in mind given the historical context of the particular painting, but that sentiment was overlooked by online viewers who found the composite offensive and racist.


Cajones man, cajones. The woman is nothing if not vengeful and full of retribution for just about anything.

My opinion of Spanish magazines - at least this one - just went up a notch.


texlahoma said...

Yeah I get the feeling hard working, tax paying American citizens that aren't on welfare or food stamps are the people she despises most.

I wonder if Barry ever swings away from his homosexuality long enough to hit that.

Bob said...


I wouldn,t hit that with a ten-foot pole!

Standards... gotta have standards.