Friday, August 24, 2012

Unintended Police Targets

Cops. Perhaps far more dangerous to your health than you realize.
By now we've all heard about the guy in New York that shot his ex-boss and got killed by the police.
What  you haven't heard is how many of the nine wounded were shot by police, but it's pretty easy to figure:
The guy's pistol held eight rounds. He shot is ex-boss three times, and his weapon had at least one round left in it when the cops got it. That's four bullets accounted for.
So... even if his remaining four bullets each hit one civilian, that leaves five New York citizens shot down by their  own police.
Pretty damned crappy, for professionals that are supposed to be expert at weapons handling and shooting. The two officers fired a total of 14 rounds, apparently missing the suspect with at least five - or more - rounds which managed to down most of those innocent citizens.
Officials are not even sure that the suspect ever even shot at the police. Surveillance videos show him pointing his gun at the two cops, but there is no indication he fired, and with a .45 caliber pistol, there's no doubt when the trigger is pulled.
We've all known for a long time that New York City's streets are not safe, but this incredible demonstration of incompetence proves they're a lot worse than we imagined.
The slogan "To Protect and Serve" starts to ring pretty hollow after incidents like this.
One other thing: New York City has the toughest gun laws in America. They didn't help the victims one teeny little bit.


Yup... the gunman never got a single shot off at the police. all those Shot New Yorkers were shot by their own police.

That's even more pathetic than I first imagined.


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texlahoma said...

Even I would have enough sense to line up my shot so that nobody was behind it! (and I've had zero training, military, law enforcement, nothing.)

I wasn't surprised when the mainstream media didn't say;

"Obviously gun control doesn't work."

"New York has some of the tightest gun control laws in the U.S. but things like this happen anyway."

"Bloomberg, you ignorant slut!"