Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Come Sign Up, Chorra

Immigration authorities are bracing for a deluge of applications starting Wednesday when more than 1.2 million young illegal immigrants who were brought to America as children can seek to legally stay and work in the country under Obama's new and totally illegal executive order.

Fine and dandy. Obama and the Democrats won't  be in office forever, and when that time comes,  those millions of illegals will have willingly given their names and addresses to the government. And since most of them are still living with their parents, registering will give up the addresses of the original river swimmers.

That will make things a lot easier for the INS.

Next Obama will try is to get all those gun owners to register their guns, which will make things a lot easier for the ATF.

Like Vox says, MPAI.*

*MPAI - Most People Are Idiots. That includes illegals.


texlahoma said...

And let me guess, they all get to vote for Obama.

Bob said...

They're all young, hotheaded, with brains full of anti-American radical crap, perfect soldiers for Obama's Civilian Army.

Not all... but most.

Over a million of them, dedicated to Obama.