Thursday, August 02, 2012

A Bit Of Support

Finally made it to the nearest Chik-Fil-A in Forney.

There was a line of cars at the drive up about twenty deep and the parking lot was full. Fortunately, just as we pulled up, a parking spot opened right in front of us.

Inside, every table was occupied, mostly Moms and Dads with their kids.  The young folks behind the counter were fast, friendly and courteous. As a bonus, the one that took our order was cute as all get out. We got our food in less than two minutes, which was quite a surprise considering how full the place was. As what happened outside, a  table opened up as we left the counter, was quickly cleaned by a young fellow, and we grabbed it.

Now whether this was the normal lunch crowd I do not know. But the other fast food places (in this line of fast food places) Pizza Hut, Pappa Johns, Chili's, Wendy's and a couple others... Their parking lots were mostly empty.

The food? Acceptable. I will eat there again when in the area. Wife's only complaint was that the fries were extremely greasy... and they were.

The restaurant was almost spotless.. quite a surprise considering the size of the crowd and the number of kids floating around.

The general mood of the folks in the place was one of amicable enjoyment. The buzz of conversation was friendly and full of laughter, something we have not experienced in some time. Folks - both the diners and the servers - were smiling and polite. There was no crap music blaring out of ceiling speakers, a very welcome change.

All in all, an enjoyable occasion, one that we will repeat.

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Galt-in-Da-Box said...

Good on ya, Bob.
With Der Schtaat doing everything it can to chip away or utterly destroy the Bill of Rights, any peaceful route available to protest should be used.
Did the same today, especially in response to Rosanne Barr - who has NOT aged well at all - stating that "Anyone that eats at $#!+-fil-a deserves to get the cancer" ...Typical loudmouth Khazar feminStaazi shrike.