Wednesday, August 08, 2012

Let's Find Out Before We Vote

What is this man hiding? Why is he hiding it?

An Obama classmate from Columbia University called him out this week for stirring up a bogus smear campaign against Romney over his taxes, insisting that Obama's motive is not only to distract voters from the worst economic recovery in post-WWII history, but also to avoid a far more scandalous and devastating skeleton Obama has hiding in his own closet...buried deep inside those college records he still refuses to unseal (and has paid millions to keep under lock and key).

OK. I could give a hoot about about this "bogus smear campaign" by Obama, I expect such conduct in political campaigns and so I ignore it. But what I am interested in is why he has spent so much time and effort keeping all his records sealed.

What is he hiding? How would the information - if made public - change the election?

Obviously, Obama and his closest supporters believe releasing  his past records would be devastating,  perhaps destroying his carefully manufactured history and ruin his chances for reelection. It's not at all difficult to understand that if there was nothing in his past that would harm him,  he and his supporters would not mind releasing his records ... and would have already done so.

Well. We should believe what they believe, that there are facts about his past that could ruin him should they become public.

If he is - in fact - ineligible in some manner or a criminal of some stripe, we  have an absolute right to know of his past history if he wishes to continue being president.

This idea about Romney suggesting he(Obama) release his Columbia records as a condition that he(Romney) release his tax records, is a bunch of hooey.  Romney's taxes have nothing to do with Obama's hidden past.

Obama's releasing of his records should not be a suggestion,  IT SHOULD BE A DEMAND made by every American voter, not tomorrow, or next week, or next year, but today. We should all know the truth about this man. Only then can we make an educated decision about his second term.

Write, E-mail, tweet, twitter, phone - anything - your Congressional people and insist they demand Obama release his records... before the election.

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Galt-in-Da-Box said...

While I have a pretty good idea what he's hiding, I would hope he would realize he's not going to get much more from White America than the dumblond feminStaazi vote until he comes clean.
The "honkee be alway pickin' awn me" meme is played out.
Americans are buying guns and learning how to shoot.
Even the hyperbole of the Romney-Ryan RINO machine indicates the desperation for regime-change in Washington!