Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Unintended Consequences

The morons in our federal government are levying heavy fines to airlines that have planes sitting on the runways too long.


Passengers may soon be seeing more cancellations on airport departure boards.

Several airlines, including Fort Worth-based American and Houston-based Continental, say they will cancel flights rather than risk paying stiff penalties for delaying passengers on the runway.

Continental's CEO told investors Tuesday that the airline will opt to cancel flights rather than chance being fined.

These knee-jerk bureaucrats and politicians. All they do - ever - is react to a situation... And never think it through.

But I assume too much. To conclude that a federal bureaucrat can actually think ahead - to anticipate negative consequences for their half-baked ideas - is a bridge too far.

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craftycorner said...

Loose the planes...gain the trains.