Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Israel On The Chopping Block

Hillary Clinton, US secretary of state, on Monday warned Israel that its survival could be in jeopardy unless it reached a peace deal with the Palestinians.

The Obama administration shifted this week from red hot anger at Benjamin Netanyahu to an icier suspicion toward the Israeli Prime Minister...

We are witnessing another one of those "unanticipated consequences". The election of Obama as president may be the undoing of Israel, since Obama has no interest in Israel's survival.

Israel's long and bloody romp through Palestine may be coming to an end. If Benjamin Netanyahu and his supporters do not understand that America's blind and undying support is coming to an end, they may lose everything.

The American Congress - Israel's longtime number one supporter - has abrogated it's power and authority to Obama. And Obama doesn't give a damn about Israel.

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Ted Amadeus said...

That's the price a nation pays for not becoming independent and self-sufficient...
And lying to the rest of the world about sole Divine ordination for half a century!
Gee, kinda' makes you think of U.S.