Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Less Politics, More Of Anything Else

Sitting President Barak Obama has now signed into law the 2,400 page bill that will do what he promised: Fundamentally change America.

We know what he wants to change it from... A Constitutional Republic. But we still have no idea what he is changing it into.

This 2,400 page bill that Obama, Pelosi and Reid fought so hard for, made so many back room deals for, made so many bribes for, certainly contains the rule changes they desperately needed to fulfill their hundred-year-old Progressive dream.

We all - as time goes by - will learn of the things in those 2,400 pages that has nothing to do with health care, the things that no one in the media, not even the likes of Rush or Glen Beck would tell us of, the things that will rebuild America into a place far different than the America we have known.

Not overnight. Not that fast. That would be too alarming. But little by little, our new America and its new masters will be revealed.

And by the time the entire picture comes into focus it will be far too late for protest.

So it's a done deal.

The government controlled, Socialistic America so desired by the Progressives is upon us. No more need to fight the coming change, it has arrived. Just every now and again, I may mention a thing or two of the new rules and the new framework as they are exposed to the light of day and put into effect.

Many States are now lining up to sue the Federal Government, but don't be fooled. They will not sue over the provisions in this bill that will "fundamentally change America", but over the requirement that all citizens buy life insurance or be heavily fined repeatedly, year after year. Such a suit will take a long time, only to be declared either "frivolous" or "legal under the Constitution" by such people as that "wise Latina woman" on the Supreme Court bench. She will indeed do what is expected of her by the man who put her where she is, our illegitimate president, registered Indonesian citizen Barry Sotero.

Come November, if elections are actually held, the Republicans may indeed reclaim the House, perhaps even the Senate. They they will change nothing. If you need any proof of that, just look back at what they did to us under the flawed presidency of George Bush.

That's all the proof you need.

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