Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Let 'Em Sink

Pay the piper time:

SPRINGFIELD — - Gov. Pat Quinn on Tuesday unveiled a caustic budget plan that would borrow billions of dollars to stay afloat and push even more debt down the road, hoping to persuade leery lawmakers to instead raise taxes in an election year.

Quinn aides warned the plan would cost some 13,000 teachers and staff their jobs, cut off poor seniors from help in paying for costly prescriptions and shut down some health care programs for the indigent. But even after about $2 billion in cuts, the state would still be $11 billion in the hole.

13,000 teachers will lose their jobs?

HOO-RAH! It's the damned teachers and the NEA that have torpedoed this nation by dumbing down our kids for two generations.

Illinois could take those 13,000 progressive turncoats out to the middle of Lake Michigan and leave them there on rafts made from today's crummy text books. If any of those "teachers" made it ashore, then we'd know those textbooks were at least good for something.

Note how that idiot governor only wants to raise taxes? How about cutting spending also?

It will take both to keep the state from insolvency.


Ted Amadeus said...

That ain't $#!+...Wait til U c the new and improved deficit for next year, with DumB-O spending ANOTHER trillion & a half we don't have...
On TOP of the $70 trillion we already owe!

I wonder when they'll start printing them on toilet paper!?

Bob said...

A Federal Reserve "note" IS toilet paper... Always has been.

We are all just starting tho figure this out.