Thursday, March 11, 2010

The Gun Is Mightier Than The Textbook

What is it we don't know about all this?

The U.S. Department of Education (ED) intends to purchase twenty-seven (27):

REMINGTON BRAND MODEL 870 POLICE 12/14P MOD GRWC XS4 KXCS SF. RAMAC #24587 GAUGE: 12 BARREL: 14" - PARKERIZED CHOKE: MODIFIED SIGHTS: GHOST RING REAR WILSON COMBAT; FRONT - XS CONTOUR BEAD SIGHT STOCK: KNOXX REDUCE RECOIL ADJUSTABLE STOCK FORE-END: SPEEDFEED SPORT-SOLID - 14" LOP are designated as the only shotguns authorized for ED based on compatibility with ED existing shotgun inventory, certified armor and combat training and protocol, maintenance, and parts.

They may not know how to teach, but they do know their shotguns. These guns are full bore riot weapons.

Is this a joke? The Department of Education has certified armor and combat training protocol? What the hell for?

For whatever reason, they are preparing themselves for the future, a future they are obviously terrified of.

I always thought they were supposed to be preparing our children for the future.

Silly me.


I forgot to ask: What authorizes the Department of Education to create its own private army of armed agents?

I have a thought... Maybe this is a part of arming Obama's national "Civilian" Force that he talked of during the campaign? You know, the one that needs to be just as well funded, as well armed as the United States army? And under the exclusive control of the president?


Ted Amadeus said...

If they plan on issuing one of those to every school teacher in America so they can deal with Columbine whack-jobs I'm all for it, but something that common-sense could never fly in gummint.

Bob said...

Yeah well...

They are not for the teachers... They're for the department of Education creeps in D.C. They are using tax dollars to protect themselves, no one else.

Like everybody else, when TSHTF, all those teachers who have been promoting the progressive agenda and dumbing down our kids will be on their own. They'll be nothing more than moving targets.

Think of all those hippie bastard college professors that have been giving the co-eds Herpes and aborted offspring all these years... dog meat.

You can take bets on it.