Saturday, March 20, 2010

Get Ready, Comrade

Tomorrow is the vote on a bill that will bury our Constitutional America and usher in a new nation - unidentifiable at this time - but no longer America.

Many are celebrating the sunrise of this world-changing event, while most Americans are not even aware they are about to lose everything their predecessors created, everything our forefathers fought and died for.

Affirmative action and political correctness has put countless unqualified minorities into positions of authority everywhere in federal and State government, incompetents who have tailored our rules and regulations to provide advantage to themselves alone.

You see this incompetence everywhere. In Washington and across America, where these buffoons cannot cope with the complexities of government and do not care: In schools, where minority teachers cannot teach or speak proper English and have no desire to do so: In colleges, where minorities are receiving once valuable degrees that are now worthless.

Sadly, these incompetents that are in charge now have been further empowered and emboldened by one of their own, the election of an illegitimate president, Barry Sotero, more lately referred to as Barak Obama. Illegitimacy seems a common thread amongst some of these minorities, almost a racial trademark in America.

On top of this - but better hidden - are the twenty some million Mexicans intent on stealing back vast parts of the American southwest, and the 400 some Indian "nations" festering in America, wanting to take back the rest.

Add to this mix of brewing disaster the still suppressed news about all the black-on-white crime rampant everywhere, the destruction of the dollar, the loss of our industrial base, our factories and jobs given away by the federal government to overseas competitors, and what you end up with is the inevitable war that will see a million people dead the first twenty-four hours.

And who will there be to say we did not bring it upon ourselves?

Barak Obama is a puppet in the hands of the Communists, Progressives, Marxists and Socialists he has surrounded himself with. He is a smooth-talking self-serving egotist that will be remembered as the greatest fool in history.

He and his cohorts are stealing our government, our nation and our freedom. One must wonder if they are ready to pay the upcoming bill for their treason.

Should this war of racial confrontation erupt, neither The whites, blacks nor Mexicans will win it.

The Communists will.

Just like Nikita Khrushchev claimed a few years ago.

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Ted Amadeus said...

I believe the proper quote is:
"We will bury you so gently, you won't even know you're dead."