Monday, March 15, 2010

Choices And Consequences

Folks love their trees. Especially the folks that live in New England. But - like us - they also love their modern lifestyles, made easy by the countless electrical devices we all use and rely on.

Then along comes mother nature and one of her storms. People by the hundreds of thousands lose electrical service, while the headlines scream how the wind brought down the power lines.

Wait a minute... We have straight line winds out here in Texas of 70-80-90mph or more. Trees go down, but power lines do not.

Unless a tree is blown over on them.

So that's the real problem, people that have 100-year-old trees in their yards and refuse to remove them when they start encroaching on the power lines.

It's a personal choice, one they hope not to have to pay the piper for. The trees are beautiful, increase property values, provide shade in summer, all manner of nice stuff. But along with all that comes the remote chance that one day a tree will come through your roof or take down your power lines.

If you have made the choice to keep your trees - the ones encroaching on the power lines - And if you lose power during a winter storm that blew down all those pretty trees, don't come whining to the rest of us about unfair it all is.

99 out of a 100 times(Totally unscientific estimate) when the wind knocks out power lines, it's because the wind pushed over a tree onto the power lines.

I have overhead power lines when I live. The only thing growing under them is grass. I intend to keep it that way.

And it we get a wind that's powerful enough to knock out those power lines - like a rather typical Texas tornado - falling trees will be the least of my worries.

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