Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Goodbye Fed?

5.1 Trillion dollars our our national debt- almost half - is owed to the Federal Reserve. See chart below:

The big blue section on the left is the Fed's slice of America's public debt.

5.1 trillion dollars of debt, owed to a mostly overseas owned private corporation.

Neither Obama nor Congress can control - or even examine - the fed and its operation. This is a situation that Obama and his fellow Progressives will not tolerate.

If Obama nationalizes the Fed, 5.1 trillion dollars of our debt vanishes.

Nobody is talking about it, but I'll bet the Fed - as a privatley owned corporation - is not long for this world.

Chelsea Clinton's recent engagement to Jewish banker Marc Mezvinsky, who works for Goldman Sachs, and Al Gore's daughter marrying the grandson of Jewish banker, Jacob Schiff, are just reminders that at least two known American politcial families intend to keep on the good side of those who control the Federal Reserve... And America's money.

Let's all hope that the Clintons and the Gores lose their bet.

1 comment:

Ted Amadeus said...

They're calling it "subsumption".
I don't see "KikeBancUSA" going quietly, and if you think inflation is bad now, wait til these Kakostocrats can print all the money they want and not charge themselves any interest...
Talk about an accident looking for someplace to happen!