Saturday, October 21, 2006

See Spot Run, See Spot Change

The usual is once again occuring.

Incumbant politicans, mostly the Replubicans who are up for re-election, are singing a new tune more in line with the public mood, even to the point of openly defying the warmonger-in-chief and his cadre of drum thumpers.

It's almost psychedelic to watch their "spots" change as they travel up and down the campaign trail, promising nothing... but loudly declaring how awful so much of everything is today, and how they intend to, or plan to, or want to change it--if re-elected--just like they promised last time.

Don't buy it for a second. No matter how much makeup or sleight-of-hand they use, their spots will remain the same and will re-surface right after the election. Soon as they get back inside the Beltline, it will business as usual.

Like Jack Cafferty says, vote out ALL the incumbents. Period. Doesn't matter who you vote in, at this point it's the message that's important.

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