Monday, October 09, 2006

North Korea's Itty-Bitty Nuke

North Korea has popped off an estimated 5-15 kiloton nuclear device, a tiny teenie little thing. We have exploded more TNT in conventional explosions than that. Compared to one of our own 10 (or larger) megatonners, it just doesn't measure up as any sort of real and present danger.

None the less, our federal government is running around like chicken little, apparantly knocked completely of it's hinges by this event, and is frantically looking for some sort of appropriate superpower response.

Since nuclear proliferation is as inevitable as any other technological advancement around the world, what our Texas raised God of War should do is publicly congratulate North Korea on it's technological achievement, while at the same time privately caution them not to try to use one of those little-bitty pea shooters on us or any of our friends.

We have tens of thousands of megations worth of nuclear bombs. Compared to that, North Korea's device (it's not even a bomb yet) is just a little fire cracker.

The Bush reaction to this long-expected but anti-climatical event is just another indication of how wrong-headed--and stupid--this administration and its actions really are, and if Bush tries to use it as justificiton to invade Iran, we need to toss the bum out.

Actually, we need to toss the bum out anyway. He has damaged us more than any of our enemies could ever dare to hope for.

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