Tuesday, October 03, 2006

More Than A Bit Scary

That accused cop killer, surrounded by dozens of cops, stuck one hand out of the hole under the tree he was hiding in, and was then shot at least 85 times.

One cop said he didn't put his second hand out fast enough and that there might have been a gun in it. (Or a hairbrush, or a cell phone) Or, he may have been leaning on that hand for support, as he had just been ordered to climb up out of his hidey-hole.

Another cop actually said they quit shooting because "we ran out of bullets".

A short review:

He was suspected of shooting a cop.

He was tracked down and found hiding in a hole he had dug underneath some tree roots.

He was completley surrounded by dozens of heavily armed police.

He was (apparantly) in the process of surrendering.

He was then shot--over and over--until the police ran out of bullets.

It's not the idea that this guy was a cop-killer that is the big concern here. It's how the cops reacted: Exactly like a maddened mob out for blood, losing any and all control of themselves in the process.

And the fact that they are immune to any retribution or prosecution.

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