Sunday, October 01, 2006

Rumsfeld... Man Of War

A program on TV last night was titled "Rumsfeld, Man Of War".

What silliness.

Alexander the Great was a "Man of War".

Atilla the Hun Was a "Man of War".

George Washington was a "Man of War".

Those men strapped on their weapons and LED their men into battle, taking the same chances to live or die as the men who followed them.

Rumsfeld is a politician that has never faced an armed enemy in battle. He has never taken any of the risks of war onto himself.

Rumsfeld and his number one supporter, George Bush, have never--not once in their lives--faced the possibility of death from any of the war-making decisions they have made. These men do not lead, they are not "leaders". They only give orders.

Having a service record in the military, such as sitting behind a desk shuffling papers, or flying around a bit for the National Guard is lighyears away from having been sent to the front lines, particularily in war like Iraq, where death can come from any direction at any time.

Rumsfeld is a man spending the lives of good Americans from behind the safety of his desk in Washington.

Rumsfeld is completely unqualified for the position he holds. He has no experience in the art of war to temper his decisions. He has only his theories to fall back on to justify his actions, theories that have been proven naive and faulty.

Rumsfeld is just another smooth-talking civilian in an unearned and undeserved position of great power.

Rumsfeld may be many things, but one thing he is not... A "Man Of War".

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