Thursday, October 12, 2006

More Big Stones

In Lebanon, there is a place called Baalbek. At that spot are the ruins of an incredibe structure that contains some of the largest shaped stones on earth, including a group of three stones called the Trilithon of Baalbek, each weighing over eight hundred tons. Many other stones, weighing in at five hundred to seven hundred tons, were used to construct this incredible place. These huge stones are in the foundation--or platform--of the site, on which temples dedicated to various gods and goddesses were later built by whatever civilizations came along.

One other stone, the largest ever discovered, is called the "Hadjar El Gouble", or "Stone Of The south". It weighs 1,170 metric tons and lies askew in the dirt near the Baalbek quarry. It is 16 feet thick, thirteen feet high, and an unbelievable 69 feet long.

Just google "Baalbek" to sees photos of these giants, and further wonder about the accuracy and precision of the stonework, which makes the stones of Stonehenge look crude (which they are) by comparision.

To this day, no one has been able to determine how these stones were moved, much less lifted and placed into the Baalbek platform.

All the ancients had--we are told--is rope and wood for cranes, some levers and pulleys, and logs for rollers to handle their heavy stuff. With only that type of technology available, we are hard-pressed to understand how even the much smaller seventy-ton stones in the great pyramid were moved and positioned. Keep in mind that the average stone on the great pyramid weighs in around 4 tons, so a seventy ton stone is quite exceptional, even for the ancient Egyptians.

I would dearly love to have any engineer today design a crane that could lift, move and position a stone say, eleven feet high, fourteen feet thick, and forty-two feet long, using only wood and rope. No bolts, no steel cable, no thousand horsepower diesel engines, no nails or iron straps allowed. They didn't have any of that back then.

Why a stone that particular size? Because one exactly that size has been found in the platform supportng the temple mount in Jerusalem.

Imagine that. We now have at least two places where structures have been built using stones that could not have been moved by any known technology of the day.

Seems that whatever civilization built the Baalbek structure must have built the temple mount also, where Soloman's temple once stood and where the Dome of the Rock now stands. Whoever they were, they had the technology to do it.

Today, we have the technology, but just look at the massiveness and hi-tech know-how incorporated into the cranes that would be needed to move these stones... and the cost.

It appears that neither the Jews nor the Arabs have any valid claim to the temple mount platform, since neither could have possibly built it originally. Absolutely no way. It was built by a much more advanced civilization pre-dating both these groups, a civilization we have no records of.

What a shame. All this hatred, death and destruction today, over a pile of stones not even belonging to the people fighting over them.

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