Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Another Pervert Surfaces

West Virgina State Senator Randy White said he is evaluating whether to continue his bid for a second term after a Charleston television station aired revealing pictures of him last week. White said that he was "shocked" and "horribly embarrassed" after WCHS-TV aired photos depicting him and at least two other men wearing only body paint.

Shocked and embarrassed? No kidding. One can only imagine what he and those other two dudes were doing prancing around naked with only a coat of paint on.

Says White, 51, a Married father of three:
"The pictures were taken approximately two years ago in private and were stolen from my personal computer. I am not sure why they were given to the media, but I must assume for obvious political reasons."
White says that he had been working with his family to overcome a "personal identification situation" and to overcome depression for which he has been treated through medication for over a year. He is yet another "religious person" who has "been for some months praying to God to help my family and me through this tragic and troubling episode in my life."

He's going through a "personal identification situation", depression and medical treatment, but--by golly-- he's a God fearing soul and is praying for forgiveness. I suppose that's supposed to make it all OK?

A man with a load of mental baggage like that should not be in politics. He should be in a hospital ward somewhere.

His family wants him to continue his political career. The perks, the power, the applause can do that to you. So what if he's not sure who or what he is, so what if he's been on medication for a year, or that he has very private pictures of naked, body-painted men--including himself--on his computer. He's really a nice guy that prays a lot.

What's with American politics nowadays? What has turned the political arena into a magnet for perverts, molesters, homosexuals and medicated sickos? How many more of these kind of people are out there making our laws anyway?

Maybe we all ought to try and find out before we go vote this November.

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