Monday, October 16, 2006


The US federal government announced a couple of days ago that it had not detected any radioactivity in the air from a North Korean nuclear device.

Now the US federal government is saying that they did find radioactivity in the air after the North Korean explosion.

The difference is subtle, but obvious. What they are not saying now is that the radioactivity they found in the air was from a North Korean nuclear device, only that they found radioactivity in the air.

Well, you can find radioactivity in the air at any time and any place on earth, since there is a natural radioactive background everywhere, so the federal government is not actually lying. They have told the truth, but not the whole truth, hoping that we will connect the dots erronously and conclude something they did not say about something that did not happen.

Federal government mouthpieces now say they estimate the Korean explosion to be less than a one kiloton yield(using scary nuclear bomb techo-babble), but again, they do not say that it was a nuclear explosion.

You gotta watch these federal government sleezeballs like a hawk. They are past masters at deception by omission, and they can always count on the TV news bobble heads to connect the dots for you... erronously.

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