Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Phew! What's That smell?

Eyebrow raiser number one:

Marilyn Monroe was talking on the telephone to Louise DiMaggio when she was murdered and was able to utter the name of her attacker before she was killed, according to a new book by DiMaggio's niece June DiMaggio.

June DiMaggio claims that her mother was speaking long distance with Marilyn Monroe when the actress was killed and that her mother heard Monroe blurt out the name of her killer.

Eyebrow raiser number two:

CNN reports that a manuscript written by Hitler outlining his step-by-step plans to conquer the world has just been found.

Both of those stories smell to high heaven.

The story about Marilyn is pretty transparent... let's sell some books time.

But... the one about Hitler's "discovered" manuscript has me puzzled, particularly the timing. Anything to do with Hitler has always had a huge propaganda purpose behind it.

Who's up to what here?

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