Thursday, March 14, 2013

You Get What You Pay For

Carnival Cruise Lines needs to learn that.

A cruise is only as successful as its crew.
"CNN-A Caribbean cruise aboard the Carnival Dream became a nightmare for some passengers, a month after a fire crippled another Carnival ship in the Gulf of Mexico.
Several Dream passengers contacted CNN, telling stories of power outages and overflowing toilets, all while docked in port at Philipsburg, St. Maarten, in the eastern Caribbean."

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These cruse ships have hundreds of crew members. What most people do not realize is that these crew members are mostly foreign - often non-English speaking - very often uneducated and low paid incompetents that took the job nobody else wanted because of the crummy pay.

That's not too disastrous if they are dressed up in pretty uniforms and only do things like wait tables and make up beds. But you can't hand them a miocrometer and tell them to check the wear on a critical bearing or shaft in a generator.

You can't keep a 100,000 ton liner running properly with a maintenance crew that consists mostly of low paid should-be farm workers. A ship may have a highly trained and educated  individual in charge of the ships engines, generators, pumps... all those tricky and complicated gadgets that keep a ship alive... but the grunt level mechanics are about as proficient as a cowblood-drinking primitive.

That's why  these ships have failing systems. Their maintenance people are the equivalent a bunch of untrained monkeys, generally shirking off preventative maintenance and then falsifying the records about what they did... or didn't do. Not all of the ships, but which ones are quite obvious.

Paint them white, make them all pretty and shiny, but if the maintenance crew looks like it wants peanuts and bananas for lunch - and thinks that a crescent wrench is something the moon does occasionally - don't get on board.

This is going to continue until the cruise line owners realize that ship maintenance requires skilled technicians and craftsmen, not a bunch of underpaid ignorant idiots under the leadership of some overpaid college-trained "expert".



texlahoma said...

I don't doubt that a bit.
Educated idiots in charge of uneducated idiots, it's still just a bunch of idiots.

W.LindsayWheeler said...

You've nailed it. You are exactly right! It takes a highly skilled dextrous, high mind, individual to do the mechanics onboard a ship. You don't get that from the Third World!

Yet, will they catch on? NO.

Bob said...

I've experienced it personally.

Remember those all-white ships with all the antennas everywhere? Radar antennas, CDT antennas, telemery antennas, uplink antennas, downlink antenna, communications antennas, antennas nobody knew what they were for.

I was on one of those working in the radar section, tracking all the stuff the missile ranges were launching - often not - into space.

Although the technical crew was pretty smart - had to be - the ships crew was a bunch of mostly foreign aliens that fished off the stern for tuna so they could eat the head and the eyes.

At least they weren't allowed anywheres near the critical stuff. The engines, generators, etc., had proficient guys keeping them running.

The head cleaners, deck moppers, paint chippers, cooks, dish washers, etc., were who-knew-where from.

Nowadays, those head cleaners, deck moppers, paint chippers, cooks and dish washers are hired to operate the entire engine room and all it's equipment.

The theory is that all they have to do is oil and grease the stuff and watch the guages. Any critical maintenance can be handled inport or in drydock.

You see the results.

Galt-in-Da-Box said...

~Wetback from Wetbacks' "rights" rally in Arizona, 1MAY2006

No dumbass, we just know when we're being led to the slaughter.