Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Obamacare Hits Home

Obamacare. The welcome mat is NOT out.

The long arm of Obamacare has reached my family.

I  have long known and understood that Obama's plans for every one's medical care would eventually find their way into my life, but not so soon... or so heavy-handed.

Without doing into the lurid details, one of the family has been positively identified with a stage 2B lower abdominal cavity cancer. The doctors involved with planning and executing the treatment plan need a CAT scan to determine the best and most accurate path for the radiation treatment machine to attack the cancer and avoid damaging nearby very sensitive organs.

They are not guessing about this cancer.They know it's there, that it's growing and needs immediate attention to give us even a 70% chance of a cure.

However, now we have these "panels" that have to decide if the CAT scan is actually necessary, or if the request is just another doctors way of increasing business and profit.

So, while this cancer grows, a panel of politically appointed and remote bureaucrats - now required by Obamacare -  are going to take days pontificating about the necessity of a CAT scan for a confirmed cancer patient so treatment can begin.

Let me tell you: Watching this family member fighting the pain and fear of this calamity - wondering why the treatments cannot begin yet - is very difficult.

We have - quite suddenly and unexpectedly - been dragged into the real world of Obama and his fellow  ideologues.

It is not a good place.


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texlahoma said...

Man, that sucks. I didn't expect it to be hitting people so soon either.