Monday, March 04, 2013

Of Course It's For Rescue...

Take a close look at the below photo.

It's an MRAP, a mine resistant armored vehicle, designed to defeat the IED's used in Irag and Afghanistan. The Hummers once used for personnel transport just couldn't stand up to the larger and more deadly IED's used as the war advanced.

The MRAP. Designed for use in Iraq and Afghanistan. It's
original purpose is to defeat the IED's used on local roads.
Seems  it now  has a new purpose... On America's streets. 

Note how this particular unit identifies itself as a Police/Rescue unit.  Where in the United States does a police force need this sort of vehicle as a rescue unit?

Well, they're really not for what would be considered as normal police use. They are for Big Sis and Obamas private army he once talked about, these particular ones to be used by police forces already willing to toe the line for the DHS. Now, we are being told the DHS has just purchased 2,700 of these for themselves, modified for use on American streets.

In the listed post above, there is a video of an MPAV  with gun ports on each side, the video of a unit based at the Homeland Security Investigations Office in El Paso, Texas

The Homeland Security Investigations Office in El Paso, Texas. An armored light tank with gunports. What the hell are they planning to investigate?

Add these 2,700 light tanks to the over one billion rounds of ammo the DHS recently purchased, and the picture gets pretty damned grim.

El Paso, Texas. AhHa! Must be they are going to use these light tanks for border security, right? That would put one MPAV every 3/4 of a mile along our 2,000 mile long southern border. Sure. You bet. That's the answer. Right on, Big Sis.

Remind yourself we already have  more than sufficient armed forces that can protect any of our borders.They are called the United States Army, the United States Air Force, the United States Marines and the United States Navy.(for a few miles up the Rio Grande, maybe) But our federal government refuses to protect the border, and that includes the DHS.

Forget the border... Ohama and the DHS already have. These 2,700 units are for something else.

The federal government, all of it's armed agencies, and any local police forces willing to join them are preparing for an American bloodbath.

There is no other explanation.

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Galt-in-Da-Box said...

Kinda makes you rethink all that denunciation of Ron & Rand Paul - they been warning you about this shit for two decades now.