Saturday, March 30, 2013

Of Unicoms And Rainbows

No kidding...

The new Pope seems as far from reality as Pollyanna. Said he:

"Christians must respond to evil with good, taking the cross upon themselves as Jesus did,"

Christians today have forgotten that in the past they were fighters and warriors. They fought as viciously as anyone to survive, defend their church and their beliefs.

Today's Christians have this "turn the other check" and "respond to evil with good" mindset. That can be a good strategy when your enemy has some degree of morals, ethics and honor.

Problem is, those who are in the advanced process of destroying Christianity today have none of those qualities. Every time they attack another foundation of Christianity, they then laugh... as Christians respond with their  "meek as sheep" tactic, mildly protest, retreat from the battle... and lose.

Since Christians today have no stomach for confrontation or conflict and have no real concept of the enemy they face, they lose at every turn, every skirmish, every battle.  They instead sit in their pews on Sunday, mutter a few insincere prayers... and wait for their newly-created "Rapture", which - they now believe -  will save them. Sit on their butts, do nothing.... and then be saved. What's the term? LOLZ.

The Ten Commandments have been stripped from public buildings everywhere.
Nativity scenes during the Christmas holidays have been banned.
Christmas is no longer called Christmas. It's now the Holidays.
No Christan prayers are allowed in schools.
Christan organizations and groups on collage campuses everywhere are scorned and banned.
Easter is no longer a celebration of the Resurrection. It is a chocolate bunny and colored eggs party.

That's just a partial list of lost battles, battles lost by Christians too cowardly - or mislead - to stand up and fight.

What they really needed in a Pope was a man who sees today's world as it really is: A place where you fight tooth and nail for what you believe in, for your family, your heritage, your culture, your race, your nation, your future.  They needed a man who would have come out swinging against those who are leading - or prodding -  the Christians to self-destruction and suicide.

What they got in a Pope is another pacifist that will further the "turn the other cheek" philosophy and perhaps be the final leader of a dying religion.  Lordy lordy... They don't even realize who their real enemy is today.

Christians of all stripes are on the way to going into dustbin of history as the ultimate losers in the game of life, remembered only as a people who would not fight for their own survival.

As for myself, I am not a Christian, I am an agnostic. But I can easily see the value to civilization that a strong religious belief system brings. Admit it or not, Christianity has protected and nurtured western civilization for centuries. I mourn the loss of Christianity to the world for one simple reason:

The coming new world will not be a blue-skied green paradise full of wondrous things and marvelous equality for all people and all things. It  will be a cruel and brutal one, overseen by atheists, ruled by an uncaring and vicious elite,  protected by a massive amoral, unethical military, driving the masses to slavery and poverty.

I truly hope it is still far enough away that I will not live to see it. But the signs are ominous... it's very close.

"Good Luck, Francis."

More like an epitaph than anything else.


texlahoma said...

I'm a rather strange Christian I suppose.
Like I told Galt one time, I'm like the reluctant Christian.
I never cared too much about going to church, never liked the hypocrisy that was so obvious.
None of that has changed, but I feel closer to God or to the belief that life continues after we shed these meat suits.
It gives me strength, makes me braver.
I'm not one of these "Render unto Ceaser." wimps.
I'm more of a "Come and take it!" kind of guy, yet still Christian.
I can't quote it right but here goes: "If you have no sword, it's better to sell your clothes to get one, than to go without."
So if they think I'm going to give up my "sword" they've got another thing coming. I've basically gotten a directive from God not to.
Also, no chips, no mark of the beast for this fellow, I'd rather starve to death.

Bob said...


Yep... that about sums it up, since I do live by Christian values.(No sense in taking chances)