Sunday, March 03, 2013

Shoving Reality Down Their Throats


The throats of liberals, that is...

Not an easy job what with the endless fear-mongering and hype over the ---SHUDDER--- seuestration!

Williasm Teach over at "The Pirate's cove" does manage to explain what's happening with this sequestration in pretty simple terms:

For those who live in Liberal World, let’s provide an explanation as to the Sequester: it reduces the rate of federal spending growth by a tiny percent. If a federal agency is currently budgeted for 1 billion this year, they aren’t going to get 998 million next fiscal year. They will receive slightly less than the budget increase, so, instead of 1.1 billion, they’ll get 1.0998 billion.
The sequester is reducing the rate of spending growth. There is actually zero loss of dollars to  any federal agency anywhere on the planet earth because of this sequester. Their annual budgets will remain totally intact and actually grow. They have no reason whatsoever to fire, furlough, or lay off employees.They have no reason whatsoever to reduce services.


All of Obama's threats of the sky falling with all those horrid losses: jobs lost, children starving, hospitals closing - whatever -  was and is just so much hot air and BS. Obama without doubt knows this, so he - and all his fellow conspirators -  have shown themselves to be nothing more than fear-mongering exaggerationists, world class liars and blue ribbon bull-tossers, and all for a Marxist/Socialist ideology-soaked agenda.

The one truth in all this is that defense spending will actually be cut more. News flash: Obama has been castrating our military since day one of his administration, so the sequester accomplishes what Obama wants more of anyway... less defense.

Anyone who keeps believing these ideology-soaked meatheads needs their own head examined, unless living in a defenseless, debt-ridden third-world country controlled by foreigners is their goal.

America's vast sea of ignorant, clueless voters and illegals gave us this disaster of a president. Since most of these ignorant and clueless  voters already live in what could be considered a third-world status (ghettos, barrios and hiding in the shadows) I imagine getting a free cell phone is a big plus and an improvement in their lives.

But that free cell phone - and the philosophy behind it - is costing us working American tax payers our way of life, our heritage, our traditions and our future.

That's one hell of a price to pay so a bunch of ignorant, uneducated, futureless welfare kings and queens can talk to each other for free, and so a few million law-breaking illegals who don't belong here on the first place can demand their non-existent Constitutional Rights, of which they have none.

And don't forget those radical, America-hating ideologists running the country right now. They really need to get their comeuppance... and the sooner the better for all of us... even the denizens of those self-made ghettos and barrios.


texlahoma said...

I didn't realize that it wasn't even a cut!
BTW the pink pony is very fitting.

texlahoma said...

Correction - The pink unicorn is very fitting.

Galt-in-Da-Box said...

Too bad that sinkhole didn't open up under Washington DC and take all those Khazar-fellating lackeys to hell, where they belong...It'd be the best thing that ever happened to US.

Bob said...



Didn't notice the pink unicorn until you mentioned it.


They don't make sinkholes big enough for that job. QWe're gonna have to do it oursevles.