Tuesday, March 19, 2013


And the winner is....

We've all heard about it, the EU demanding that Cyprus bank accounts be plundered, raided, taxed - whatever you wish to call it - to help save the bankers.

Reality check: Who really gives a damn about Cyprus other than some Russian criminals?


The real goal in this little exercise on Cyprus is to study the American reaction to the idea, because the real target is plundering the 50 trillion in assets of the American retirement funds.

Raiding bank accounts is small potatoes by comparison.

If Americans sit idly by while the EU plunders Europe, the next target is the real plum, our retirement accounts, your 401K. You can't just run to the bank and pull it out like the money in your checking/savings accounts.

The retirement assets are sitting ducks... Multi-trillion dollar sitting ducks.

Another reason why the DHS has bought 1.5 billion rounds of ammo, those 2,700 MPAV's, built all those camps and bought all those coffins... to make sure they can get away with it.

One may ask - if they end up destroying the value of world's currencies, won't they end up with mountains of toilet paper? They would - if they kept the paper money. Who do you think is buying up all the worlds gold? In multi-ton quantities? They don't give a rats hind end about the paper stuff... They are using it to buy GOLD, silver, diamonds, land, developed properties, you know... real assets


There's only a few of those despicable cretins worldwide. They will, given the chance, plunder and destroy everything. Compared to them, Al Quaeda is less than a buzzing gnat. Why can't Obama  use a few of our drones on them?

The fool could save the world. but he won't. As they say- He's their bitch.


texlahoma said...

They've been eying out retirement accounts for a long time. As soon as I got wind of it, I cashed in my IRA and started paying the minimum allowed in my 401K. A lot of folks said I was being foolish, but screw them, it's my money.

I agree with what you are saying and obviously that is why they want our guns.
"The people might not take kindly to us taking away all their stuff, so let's fake (or arrange) a bunch of shootings so we can take their guns away first."

Galt-in-Da-Box said...

Excellent diagnosis, doctor!
When they're not committing mass murder & genocide through interventionism they are robbing you blind.
Cypress is a trial balloon.