Sunday, March 17, 2013

The Coming Confrontation

Take a look at the below real-life photo:

This is not a  made for TV drama. But it is a preview.. and a warning.

The photo shows a really angry man - an ordinary civilian - facing the reality of a governments only solution to a disastrous mess it has created: A line of men protected by body armor, face shields, assault weapons, night sticks, tear gas,  even tanks, and a shiny, pretty badge that allows them to do anything - legal or illegal - it matters not.

And yet, these "honorable" government agents are afraid to show their faces. They hide behind their black masks. They live in fear for themselves from the very people they are pretending to protect and serve. They will gas you, beat you, shoot you, knock your teeth out, kick you when you're down, and will later laugh and joke about it all with their fellow black-clad "men of pride and honor" about how they served it up big time to the "perps".

You know this to be true, you have seen it on the news countless times.

But they haven't the courage to show you who they are. They know - deep down inside - if the public knows who they are: Knows their face, knows their name, knows where they live - their power will be gone... and the fear they try to instill will turn to great anger.

This sort of thing is indeed coming to a city near you... and soon.

Read the following:

The government is preparing for this very thing.

In the photo above, it's one man against a line of heavily-armed and armored pawns of an out-of-control rogue government. It could have been taken  anywhere in the world today - Greece, France, Italy, England, America - anyplace where the government has ruined their respective nation, pillaged their people's money, destroyed their assets, and are now terrified of the inevitable consequences: The coming day of reckoning.

When that day arrives, that same line of of G-men protected by body armor, face shields, assault weapons, night sticks, tear gas, even tanks, all with a shiny, pretty badge given them by a politician that claims they can do anything - legal or illegal - will be there, ready to do what they have been trained to do - beat, kill, main - whatever it takes to protect not the people, not the nation, but the politician who empowered them..

But when that moment comes, they won't be facing one lone, unarmed angry man. They will be facing hundreds of thousands of angry men, men who will no longer back down one inch, men who will no longer confront that line of black-clad and black facemasked G-men unarmed.

Do I want this to happen? No freaking way. The civilization we have built, everything we have worked for, will be gone in an instant. But do I see it coming? Yes. The rule of law will vanish because, when push comes to shove, the government does not have the manpower to maintain order... not even close. Every street in every major city will become a no mans land, every small hamlet and town a death trap for outsiders.

How long will it last?

Not hours, not days. It will last weeks. Months. Perhaps years.

Have your camera handy. The photos you take will be epic.

Take one last look at the above photo. I would not be a bit surprised if that G-man on the left was about to mess up his black britches... He's facing a real man who isn't a bit afraid of him. But if Mr. G-man was thinking he was too tough and too well trained to be afraid, then he's a fool.

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texlahoma said...

I think you hit the nail on the head.
They won't be facing unarmed peaceful demonstrators that they can abuse until the cows come home.

There won't be a nice line either they will be taking fire from every direction, all that riot control bullshit that they have been taught will be out the window.

Like you, I hope it never comes to this.