Thursday, January 31, 2013

Secretary Of Defense... But For Who?

Charles Timothy "Chuck" Hagel
On January 7, 2013, President Obama nominated Hagel to serve as Secretary of Defense in his second term.

An American politician who was a United States Senator from Nebraska from 1997 to 2009, a recipient of two Purple Hearts while an infantry squad leader in the Vietnam War, Hagel returned home to start careers in business and politics. He co-founded Vanguard Cellular,  the primary source of his personal wealth, and served as president of the McCarthy Group, an investment banking  firm, and CEO of American Information Systems Inc., a computerized voting machine manufacturer. A member of the Republican Party, Hagel was first elected to the Senate in 1996. He was reelected in 2002, and retired in 2008. Hagel is currently a professor at the Edmund A. Walsh School of Foreign Service at Georgetown University,  Chairman of the Atlantic Council, and co-chairman of the President's Intelligence Advisory Board. He also serves on a number of boards of directors, including that of Chevron Corporation.

That's a lot of stuff to discuss about Hagel's qualifications for him being the Secretary of Defense of the United States. Is anyone talking about these things?


What is it we are endlessly hearing about?  How well he will support and defend Israel.  That seems to be the number one concern of Congress, the media including FOX, and every Jew on the planet.

Well. Israel's well-being is not the responsibility of the United States Secretary of Defense. The United States Secretary of Defense has only one job... to protect the United States, first and foremost, to the exclusion of all other considerations.

Today, the number one threat to the United States is that of terrorist attacks by Arabs and Muslims.

But why is that? Why do the Arabs and Muslims hate us so?

Simple. The United States federal government has supported the State of Israel since it was created in 1948 by the United Nations,  a highly contested action still being challenged today.  The United States government immediately recognized this all-new Israeli "State" and offered total financial and military support, including the overpowering and incontestable nuclear umbrella of  the worlds greatest superpower.

Naturally, that made the United states an enemy of all Arabs and Muslims from that moment until now.  It doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure this all out.  But it does take an ability to see past all the pro-Israeli propaganda that's been spewed out by our Zionist-dominated media and government for the last several decades.

So. If the Secretary of Defense has only one job - to protect the United States from all enemies, foreign and domestic - he must examine and understand the causes behind why Arab and Muslim terrorists continue to attack us.

That reason is the existence of Israel, created by the U.N. and supported by -who else - the United United States federal government.

Apparently Chick Hagel understands this and just may not support this Zionist stronghold in the Middle East as much as Americas Jews would like. That's why his nomination is being so fiercely challenged.

I don't think Obama nominated him because he is a Republican. Obama nominated Hagel because they appear to have similar views on Israel.  It is becoming obvious that Obama is not a Christan, rather that he is a Muslim with sympathies for their cause.  Hagel is not a Muslim, but he recognizes that the existence of Israel on what many consider to be occupied Palestinian territory  as the true cause of America's terrorist problem today, and the sole reason why we have been mired down in two wars against Arabs and Muslims for over a decade, and why we are starting to hear about potential American involvement in Mali, which will - without doubt - escalate.

I will be surprised if he gets the nod.


Galt-in-Da-Box said...

"0Y MEIN GOTT yer Antizemitick!!!"
~Bank Khazar

Seriously though, let's regress the argument a step further:
Should the United States even HAVE a "Secretary Of Defense" seeing as how the Founding Fathers vehemently opposed FedGov having a standing army to begin with?
The whole purpose of the Second Amendment was the defense and internal, national security of the country.
That all went away when shortly after The War Between The States, the Whore of Babylon convinced the newly-entrenched & strengthened FedGov that sticking our nose in everyone else's business was its responsibility.
Thus, Guantanamo. Thus Israel, South Korea, Vietnam FAILURE &c.
This unconstitutional course necessitated the fabrication of KikeBancUSA...I mean the Federal Reserve, then WorldBank...
It's no coincidence that the century of perpetual war was also the century of centralized banking, nor that that banking cabal is run by the same Khazars who own Rome.

texlahoma said...

It's a week after this post was written, but just scanning through articles today, looks to me like he will just squeak by. I personally think we (the U.S.) should stop treating Israel like they are God. Maybe Hagel will be a step in the right direction.