Thursday, January 10, 2013

Lights Out

I've been hollering about our vanishing electrical power plants for some time now, warning of brownouts and blackouts - even the possible permanent loss of electricity to some rural areas and small towns.

However, the latest notification by Georgia Power(posted further down) that they must shut down fifteen of their plants now, forces one to realize that the loonies in this administration and at the EPA are dead serious about closing down hundreds of our power plants nationwide.

These lunatics really mean to do this. They have no viable options to replace all the lost gigawatts of power they are eliminating, but so what? Even if millions of Americans and American businesses lose electricity forever, they don't care.  Even the most strident supporter of solar and wind now understands that those sources will never be able to replace even 10% of the electrical power  once provided by the plants they have already closed down. Many of these people knew all along that those alternate sources of energy would never be sufficient, but they didn't - and don't - care.

So one must now ask: Are they so lost in their visions of a green fantasy paradise that they - even knowing their dreams of green energy are a failure - will continue to force us over the energy cliff?

The answer to that is yes.  The prevalent attitude amongst these amoral cretins is that: If solar and wind cannot provide for today's masses, reduce the masses until whatever is left will not overload their precious  green power sources. They do not give a good goddamn about how many of us will need to die to satisfy that goal.

They. Do. Not. Care.

That being the case, understand that they - and others who share their fantasies - are now in charge. They will continue shutting down power plants regardless of the consequences, until there is no longer enough power to go around. At that time, communities across the nation will suddenly awaken to find the power is off and that it will stay off.  No more power for them. The big cities will take 100% of what's available.

Do not believe it when they say they are going to build all manner of new "cleaner" power plants. We're broke. The nation is broke. The power companies don't have billions laying around to build new plants. These same administration and EPA cretins won't approve the construction of new plants or new power lines anyway, claiming that some bug or fish or spider will be endangered by the construction.

You already know the drill, you've already seen the first few acts of the play. These people are going to destroy this nations ability to provide vital electricity to our citizens, to our homes, our businesses, our factories.

So. The BIG question is:

What are your plans, when - one day soon - you flip the light switch and nothing happens?

Not for a few hours, or even days, but for years to come?

What will you do, when the lights, the stove, the microwave, the TV, the computer, the furnace/AC unit, the toaster, the iron, the dishwasher - everything that runs on electricity becomes so much scrap?

You won't even have running water.  It takes lots and lots of electricity to get water to your faucets. No toilet, no shower.

Stocking up on candles and firewood is a pretty piss-poor solution. There won't be enough of that kind of stuff to last a month.

Oh yes... kiss your I-pod, your I-pad, your cell phone goodbye. There will be no electricity to re-charge them.

Think about it. And then consider this: If you just continue to sit on your ass and do nothing about this, do nothing to stop these lunatics, all this will happen. The math doesn't lie. If we wait until this is a done deal, it will be far too late, and it will take years to recover, even partially.

There are some of you loons out there that actually want this happen. but - if this does happen -  survivors are going to hunt you down and send you to to meet your maker. You will not be able to talk your way out of the noose -  you will find out that payback really is a bitch.

These people are crazy. They are out of their minds. They will destroy civilization as we know it today to achieve their poorly-thought-out goals, and at a price I have no intention of paying.

You shouldn't either.


texlahoma said...

Yeah and now even coal power plants are clean (U.S. ones with scrubbers and all that). Oklahoma uses natural gas to produce electricity, that's clean. I think it's all about letting "administration friendly" companies make all the money and shutting down their competition.
A good ol boy network on a grand scale disguised as some kind of save the earth green movement.

Bob said...


It's always about the money.