Wednesday, January 09, 2013

Required Reading That Won't Be Read...

... by those who should read it.

A post from "Ex-Army":

White males are actually rather slow to anger, when you compare them to other human groups, but when they actually get to anger, watch out. When a bunch of White males get mad, you get things like the Civil War and World Wars One and Two.

When properly channeled, White male anger is a good thing, despite clamoring to the contrary from the ladies of dubious sexuality, metrosexuals, and girly-men who rule us now and run all the organs of public opinion. Actually, our elite rulers consider everything natural, normal, and traditional to be somehow icky, to be replaced by government programs and candlelight vigils and sex-neutral toys and Matt Lauer.

Read the whole thing:

Sadly, most of those who really need to bone up on what it means to be a White Male will instead read  nonsense like "Sally Has Two Mommies" or "How To Free Your Inner Woman" as they watch minority males stomp around on their turf, all macho-like stealing their women, their jobs, their money, their country and their futures, all the while pretending they feel "good" about it all, because that's how a modern white male is supposed to feel.

I blame myself and others like me who were too busy raising their families and providing a roof over their heads to notice that a myriad collection of splinter groups and minorities was rising to power, groups of people that had dedicated themselves to the total destruction of the white male, his heritage, his traditions and his country.

Strong-willed independent white males like myself have been replaced by males of the species that cannot accomplish anything without a "team", cannot make a decision without first getting input and opinion from every other person on the planet (except from people like me, who are today considered to be seriously flawed, racist, sexist, bigoted, uneducated and generally spittle-dribbling throwbacks),  replaced by "males" that will never challenge any modern female over her attitude, mindset or opinion.

All around you, you see the blacks, the Mexicans, the Muslims, the Asians - all asserting their identity, their place in history, demanding their place in the sun, followed by gushing amoral and unethical feminists(usually white females) trying their best to give them everything they want.

If you do not believe in yourself, if you do not believe in who and what your are,  if you will not defend the history and heritage your forefathers provided you, if you allow your detractors to reduce you to a pile of quivering, compliant jelly,  then you deserve being tossed into the dustbin of history.

Ex-Army opines that white males are "slow to anger". In the past, that may have been true.

Today? White male anger - what there is of it -  has been skillfully channeled into a process in which he blames himself and his fellow white males for all the evils of the world past and present.

That's a pretty heavy burden, considering none of us alive today had a thing to do with activities of men like Alexander the Great, Julius Caesar, Attila the Hun, Genghis Khan, Adolph Hitler and Joseph Stalin... along with a host of modern non-white mass murderers and/or nation destroyers such as Mao, Pol Pot,  Chi, Saddam and Assad. We should remind ourselves that not a single one amongst us has ever owned a slave.

Maybe we should be remind ourselves that every nation in the history of the world accepted slavery as a normal condition of civilization and that it was white America that was the first to ever reject the notion of slavery. Perhaps we should remind blacks everywhere that 630,000 white Americans died in the process of giving the black man his freedom. We should point out to every black in America that it was the white male that literally gave him his freedom, that blacks did not earn their freedom, nor did they take it.

Maybe we should remind ourselves that it was white America that stopped the German Socialist Party led by Hitler, whose goal was world domination and the total extinction of an entire race.

Maybe it's time for us to tell all these people who are trying to bury us to shut up and stop. We are far better than they would have us believe.

Why do these people want to grind us under their heels? Simple. White males have always had the "take over", "in charge" kind of DNA makeup, character and mindset. Each and every one of all these splinter groups and minorities trying to keep white males down instinctively know and understand this. White males are envisioned as potential bosses and rulers in just about everything and everywhere - history has demonstrated that - so they are seen enemies to be crushed and humbled. That's why they have successfully elevated the non-white Obama to the top position of power today... anybody but another "evil" white male.

So here we are, under the control of a white-male-hating president and his white-male-hating wife, along with his legion of think-alike minions, out to destroy the very fabric of a nation built by - you guessed it - white males.

Film at eleven.

Oh, wait a minite... It's already three minutes to midnight.


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