Wednesday, January 09, 2013

15 More Power Plants Down The Tubes

The lunatics continue to force us all over the energy cliff:

A soon-to-be gravemarker of America's lost future

Tough federal emissions standards are being blamed for the closure of 15 coal-fired plants and the loss of nearly 480 jobs in Georgia.

Georgia Power plans to close the power plants, cutting its grid capacity by more than 15 percent, in a move the utility said was necessary to comply with federal regulations aimed at reducing air pollution.

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How many gigawatts this time?

In the article it says they will replace the lost wattage with nuclear energy and natural gas.

OK, how long will that take?  How long does it take to build a nuclear power plant? Years. How many are under construction now? None.

So... how many of those lost gigawatts are being replaced? Zero.

How much more of this criminal stupidity should we put up with? None.

Let's impeach this clown, convict him, and send him back to his native Kenya. Giving this barbarian savage more time to ruin us is nothing short of  national suicide.

And while we're at it, let's try for treason and then convict the likes of Jarrett, Axelrod, Jones, Pelosi, Reid - the whole flock of them - and lock them away forever.

There comes a time when the law-abiding citizenry finally realizes that following the rules is no longer possible. Let's all hope this criminally destructive president and his gang of treasonous rats do not force us to that point. I would prefer we rid ourselves of this yammering pretender and his court of clowns peacefully, but it may not be possible.

Like founder Jefferson said: "As peaceful as possible, but as forceful as necessary".

And we need to do it before this would-be dictator finishes building his private army.

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