Monday, January 21, 2013

Reflections On Inauguration Day

Watching and listening to Obama today was like listening to one of America's founders. The guy can sure preach freedom and liberty with the best of them. However, we've had four years now of how he practices what he preaches, and when it comes to individual freedom and liberty he may talk the talk, but he certainly doesn't walk the walk.

He was going to close Gitmo. He was going to cut our deficit in half. He was NEVER going to raise any kind of taxes on the middle class. He was going to get a handle of out-of-control spending.

Yeah, that all worked out real well.

When I was in my twenties and working  on the missile ranges I bought a 100 dollar U. S. savings bond each and every month, via automatic payroll deduction  I had total confidence that the United States government would handle the nations finances wisely, and that investing in U.S. Savings bonds was the safest and best investment anywhere. Yeah, that worked out real well also. We can all see now how well Washington has managed the nations finances.

Through my thirties, forties, and fifties I watched as the government started going off the rails... Empire building, foreign interference, pushing into areas where government was Constitutionally not allowed. I watched as regulations and taxes increased as government grew and grew and as spending started spinning out of control. Those series E Savings Bonds were no longer the rock solid investment they once were.They had become as risky as the stock market. My faith in the United States Government being fiscally responsible started vanishing like the mist in the morning sun.

But I still had faith in the American people.  They would eventually take note and make things right.

That hasn't worked out too well either. Over 50% of us think Obama is a good president. Over 50% of us must be stupid as crowbars. This last election proved that beyond a shadow of a doubt. Over 50% of us don't think that out-of-control spending, a 16 trillion dollar debt climbing to over twenty trillion in the next four years, that having 24 million illegals in our nation sponging off the national purse while not paying any taxes... none of that is any sort of problem to them. Just print more of that Obama money and toss it around like confetti.

I would laugh my ass off at the stupidity of that blindered 51% if what they have voted for would not affect me, but it will, so I'm not laughing.

That 51% has been led down the Yellow Brick Road by the Progressives and Socialists in our schools and colleges, spoon fed Socialist and Marxist beliefs by professors and  educators that should be taken out and horsewhipped,  brainwashed by the mal-educated and delusional simpletons in our media, and had their morals and ethics destroyed by Hollywood and TV. They (most of them) have the needed brainpower to see through all this crap that has been spoon fed them, but they have also been conditioned not to think, not to question,  to believe that what they have been taught is right - always - and that anyone who disagrees with them is just a backward, uneducated buffoon, probably a  racist and sexist homophobe to boot.

They will all be standing around, not understanding - or even questioning - what's happening to them as Obama and his pals dump brown stuff all over them. They will smell the stench of corrupt government, but continue to blame all those supposed backward, uneducated, racist, sexist, homophobe buffoons, the 49% percent that did not support this true calamity of a president.

I do not believe very many of them will ever realize how blindered they are, how duped they have been. When their world collapses around them,  they will blame everybody and everything but themselves and their poorly-thought-out decisions.

So, my faith in the American people is now gone also.  Not surprising, since many millions of them are not  even Americans, but invading and occupying colonists bringing their own ideas of what this nation should be like, foreigners that believe in - and vote for - a nanny government that provides and caters to their wants and needs.. 

What will they all do when the money system collapses? Unfortunately - like it or not - we're going to find out.


texlahoma said...

It's kind of like being in a life raft in the middle of the ocean and we, the 49% are voting NO to poking a hole in the raft but the YES vote has the majority.

At least out there we could start shoving them off the raft.

Galt-in-Da-Box said...

"It can't/'ll NEVER happen here."
"As long as it's not happening to me, I don't care."