Wednesday, January 30, 2013

CNN's Soledad O'Brein

Maria de la Soledad Teresa O'Brein, booted out by CNN.

Soledad O'Brein, anchor of CNN's morning news program Starting Point, has been not-so-quietly dumped off the air.

Maria de la Soledad Teresa O'Brein, which translates as  "the Blessed Virgin Mary of Solitude"  is the daughter of her mother Estella,  a black high school teacher from Cuba,  and her father Edward,  a white Australian of Irish descent. She has been honored by African-American, Hispanic-American , and Irish-American groups for her contributions to journalism.

The Blessed Virgin Mary of Solitude  went to Harvard but dropped out at age 21 to become a newswriter and producer at Boston's WBZ-TV.

I have never paid much attention to her because of her overt anti-white attitude on just about everything, but since she has just been dumped by CNN I decided to look up her stats.

She has been accused by several sources as being a racist. Here's just one:

Soledad has received many awards for her support of minorities.  She won her first Emmy for Crisis in Haiti (Anderson Cooper 360) in the category of Outstanding Live Coverage of a Current News Story - Long Form. The National Association of Black Journalists named O'Brien the Journalist of the Year and Edward R Murrow Awards lauded her with the RTDNA/UNITY award for Latino in America in 2010. She received the 2009 Medallion of Excellence for Leadership and Community Service Award from the Congressional Hispanic Caucus Institute. In 2008, she was the first recipient of the Soledad O'Brien Freedom's Voice Award.(?) The NAACP honored her with its President's Award in 2007 for her humanitarian efforts and journalistic excellence.

So.  She has been a major hitter for minorities who have showered her with numerous awards and adoration, understandable due to her black/latino roots. Why she was given the spotlight at CNN becomes obvious. Why she has been shown the door at CNN is curious, since she is so in line with CNN's mission.

But even at CNN, stronghold of all things liberal,  money trumps a pretty face, bad ratings and racist ramblings. So she's out.

Sad. She's been a dedicated and faithful trooper for the liberals, socialists,  progressives and racists in the ranks of  the minorities..But when it comes to making money or promoting radical causes, CNN has shown their true colors.



Galt-in-Da-Box said...

Piers Morgan is doing a better job of rallying the weakness-mongers to the major Communist plank of disarming the goyim, but I'm sure the money they saved by dumping Mizzzz 0'Brien and are now paying the Redcoat will be recouped when these useful idiots are all put to death by the great, Prog utopia they helped and worked so hard to build.
The formula of collectivist subversion is unchanged: Convince the enLIEtened morons to destroy their country, then destroy them - after all, if they're willing enough to kill off the golden goose that fed them, they just might try to kill the Khazakh bear that replaces it.

Galt-in-Da-Box said...

"Only a fool burns down his own home."