Thursday, October 04, 2012

What I Took Away From The First Debate

There are a very few things I concluded from this first presidential debate, but the most notable to me was that I finally realized that Michelle Obama is not really bow-legged or that she walks funny because of some medical condition.

She's just uncomfortable in high heels. They make her walk and stand oddly.

Not unusual for a female that spent most her formative years traipsing around in tennis shoes or flops.

So why does she elevate herself those three inches? Maybe she secretly enjoys looking down at most everybody.

My suggestion is that she go to someplace like

and at least learn how to stand properly in high heels if she intends to keep wearing the things.


Galt-in-Da-Box said...

And that is probably the bulk of the substance to be gleaned:
How can you have a debate between two depraved, chronically-lying corporatists?
What are they going to argue about?
The size of the clubs to be used on impudent plebes?
How much MORE to steal from the working?

texlahoma said...

Ever heard of the Down Low club?
That's where Frank Marshall Davis Jr.(,aka Obama met Michelle. The club was to make young homosexual men that wanted to remain in the closet, for business or political reasons, look respectable by having a wife or girlfriend.