Monday, October 22, 2012

Green Dreams Going Up In Black Smoke

Smoke pours out of a wind turbine at the Ewington Wind Farm
near Heron Lake north of Interstate 90 in Minnesota.
Fire Departments responded, but there was nothing they could do.
So they let it burn.

And so there goes another few million dollars of taxpayer money.

We have plenty of challenges with wind and solar here in the United States, but so do other Nations that have bought into this supposed solution to our energy problems.

There was recent excitement about the record amount of wind power being produced in the UK, but it’s time to return to reality.

After England poured vast sums  into wind via subsidy, rising electricity bills and excessive feed-in tariffs, the return for all that on a cool day with greater power needs was minuscule.  They could increase wind capacity by a factor of 10 at huge cost and still see next to nothing from wind generated power as a helpful contributor to the energy supply on cold and blustery days – of which there will be many as demand increases due to the coming colder and darker days and nights.

English Coal-fired plants are currently stepping up to keep business and residential lights and heating going. But what will happen when coal is phased out? Get the candles and Calor gas ready as rota disconnections take center stage.

Look at the below chart, it tells the tale:

England's electrical power sources
Wind power supplied a dismal .7%. Even hydro, a source of which England has next to nothing. did better.

And yet, the entrenched bureaucrats of England are phasing out coal almost as fast as that rank amateur in the White House and his cohort, the mad woman Lisa Jackson at our own EPA are.

What is the matter with these people? What are their real goals? Surely, they all must realize (they just can't be that stupid not to) that shutting down hundreds of thousands of Megawatts generated by coal plants will result in massive blackouts and brownouts nationwide, many of them permanent. If they managed to grasp 4th grade arithmetic, they fully understand that wind and solar will never be able to replace the energy lost from the plants already closed, much less from the many more plants they intend to shut down.

Those in the industry(if they are honest) will tell you that there is not enough raw material on the entire planet to build enough silicon solar cells to power even one industrial State. And so far, even with all the money that has been poured into research and development, no one has come up with a replacement for silicon that is cheaper than silicons incredibly high cost per watt.

Even with all of the problems facing solar and wind, no one is even mentioning how many hundres of millions of rechargeable batteries and millions of DC- to- AC inverters it would take to store the energy for nighttime use. Maybe these people intend for us to go to bed at dark and rise up at sunrise.

The only thing I can conclude is that people like Lisa Jackson and her fellow greens in our governments - State and Federal - fully intend to bring this nation to its knees.  For what purpose I cannot imagine, but it seems that that is their intent, and they are doing it.

Wind and solar have their place and purpose, but it is not to power an entire nation.



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