Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Mirror, Mirror

A recent post on a blog I follow: 
Dear Goddess, please take honey boo boo off the air, put her
on a diet, and send her family back to school... This time?
 make them actually show up for class.
The woman who posted this proudly calls herself a Pagan and a left wing Democrat. She is base and foul-mouthed, uses four-letter words continuously in her blog and relishes in the practice.  She rejects contemporary religion and embraces the concept of a Pagan Goddess somewhere that she casually prays to.

Ok... fine by me. It's a free country. People can think and do whatever they want within the law.

But... having a self-proclaimed Pagan left wing Democrat  ask "What The Hell Happened?" is mind-boggling.

These are the very people who have promoted sex from kindergarten upwards, promoted the LGBT lifestyles, advocated abortion anytime and anywhere, sneered at traditional marriage, endlessly attacked stay-at-home Moms,  infiltrated our school system  to the point they no longer teach fundamental things like  respect for your  parents and other adults. They have eliminated the Ten Commandments from everywhere, no longer allow the Pledge of Allegiance, and doggedly promote any religion other than Christianity.

They believe that white men are the root of all evil, blaming them for every ill the planet has ever suffered, and  have conducted a scorched-earth policy against them for decades.They ridicule and scorn successful males and responsible fathers.

And yet... they consider themselves to be the most intelligent people on earth.

To have one of these people ask "What the hell happened?" is the ultimate in  irony.

Children like Honey-Boo -Boo and her parents are the dismally predictable results of the policies and goals the Socialists, the Progressives, the left wing Democrats, the LGBT crowd,  the pagans and the cultists have been pushing these last few decades.

It's quite a cesspool they have created. Let's hope they enjoy the stench. And if they don't, let's not let them complain. Call them out each and every time they do.

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