Friday, October 05, 2012

Califirnia Is Collapsing

California's stratospheric cost of gas is forcing  gas station closures because more and more of California's drivers will not and can not pay those prices. No customers, no business. No business? Shut down.

A refinery closure, a contaminated pipeline and the state's strict pollution limits are all, in part, to blame, experts said.

Really? And whose fault is that? Who is taking responsibility?

Find out why the refinery was closed. Discover who decided the pipeline was "contaminated" and shut it down. Research who is behind the prevention of the construction of new refineries and power plants.

California's screwball Legislature has to shoulder some of the responsibility. Under the stewardship of extremely far-left liberals like ex-governor Jerry Brown, Nancy Pelosi, Barbara Boxer, Maxine Waters and other Socialist icons,   they have placed massive roadblocks in the way of California's vital industries.

However, the gorilla in the room is the  EPA. The EPA  is forcing the closure of refineries and power plants in California and across the entire United States. With the complete approval of  president Barak Obama, EPA director Lisa Jackson is the prime mover behind all this and is directly responsible for our looming national disaster of massive fuel and power shortages.

Insane new regulations issued by the EPA and this administration  have completely stopped the upgrading of older refineries and power plants and the construction of new ones by simply making it to too expensive to comply with their Draconian regulations.

This disastrous shut-em-down roadblock strategy of Obama's and  the EPA's resident mad woman is - and has been - in full swing for some time now. The results of their Pollyannish meddling is just now starting to be felt.

Bottom line: No fuel, no electricity - no civilization. Perhaps Jackson and Obama think that living in mud shacks and grass huts will be good for all of us.

There is - of course - another major reason why California's gas stations are starting to close:

California has actively supported the influx of  millions of illegal aliens to be used as low-paid  workers to toil away for sub-standard wages,  and is now a state loaded with ignorant, uneducated and non-English-speaking illegals that work for wages way below any sort of living wage.

And surprise!

The once prosperous and affluent California is now discovering that a  dirt cheap workforce consisting of millions of ignorant and illegal workers that really can't afford to live there don't pay enough taxes to support a secondhand store, much less an entire State. And since they have driven out their once prosperous, tax-paying and socially contributing members of their communities, California has lost it's huge tax-paying base of citizens.

Those illegals survive by stuffing 20-30 people to a house, sharing utility bills and a community cooking pot. They move into a neighborhood, drive property prices into the dirt, and then create Mexico-style Barrios where a  once prosperous community thrived. These illegals depend solely on the local emergency room for medical aid which they demand but do not pay for. Their vehicles are almost always not safety inspected or insured. They generally have no drivers license, are a menace on our highways since they can't speak or read English and have no idea what all those highway signs say, and - as a rule - carry a false or stolen Social Security number.

They do not pay taxes other than those automatically added to purchases. They do not support the community they are leeching off. They have offered nothing but cheap labor to the state - and a new generation of white-hating anti-American troublemakers, another unforeseen consequence of an imported, untrained, ignorant and uneducated workforce.

And now California's elites are witnessing the consequences of their avarice and greed, of creating and allowing a sub-standard society comparable to the slave days of the old south to rise in their state and destroy the prosperity of the past.

And guess what else? These same California elites are moving out in droves, taking their money and their attitudes to other States - to infect them with their sickness.

A one-two punch for California. Thanks to the short-sighted stupidity of California's  greedy businessmen and  bought-out lawmakers, we are watching as a once great State destroys itself, with the willing aid from the likes of Obama and Jackson.

Who's next?

Simple. Find out where all those uppercrust and privileged Californians are fleeing to. They will carry their sickness with them.


texlahoma said...

Yeah, I think California is Obama's model for the rest of the country.

Lately I haven't been taking things like electricity and peace here at home for granite.

I'll be putting in a wood burning stove soon, should have done it years ago.

Galt-in-Da-Box said...

"Aw hmon, chu greengos are a bonch off beegots, hmon!"
- Arizona migration reform protest greaser, May 2006.

WestCiv in Europe is succumbing to the same fascism & fagitry that is gutting America, only importing ragheads by the ton instead of wetbacks.
Not good!

Anonymous said...

It’s like California is emulating Europe, trying to catch up wit Germany’s 9. – per gallon gas, 2500, - drivers licenses, monstrous electricity prices, high taxes and super low wages.
It’s also right out of Atlas Shrugged, Ayn Rand could be writing the story of California straight form the grave.
And you are correct, one of the most disturbing aspects is the spreading of this to other states.
Earning 15, - the hr in a red state is more than 30, - per hr in California and very attractive to still well of Californian looking to stay that way,
But it does not take long before they demand windmills and expansion of government programs.