Saturday, October 20, 2012


The dictionary definition of hypocritical is the ‘pretense of having virtues, beliefs, principles, etc. Many politicians are well described by this adjective; but in 2012, none deserves it more than Spokane Vally candidate Amy Biviano.
Candidate Amy Biviano, self-proclaimed dedicated wife and mother 
According to the Western Center For Journalism, candidate Amy Biviano has been running for the state House of Representatives as a devoted wife and mother of two sons.

Her description of herself:

I am a long-time Spokane Valley resident, a mother, and small business owner… I grew up in a small, close-knit town in Oklahoma, the daughter of a farmer and a public school teacher. I met my husband Andrew in 1993, on our first day of freshman year at Yale University, and we married two months after graduation. We moved to Andrew’s hometown of Spokane Valley in 2001, deciding that it is the ideal place to raise our family. We have now been married almost 15 years and have two incredible sons: Alex, age 13, and Aidan, age 11…I am an active member of Bethany Presbyterian Church, where I teach Sunday school and serve on the finance committee.”
However, this candidate was an unusual background:

Candidate Amy Biviano, while at Yale, self-proclaimed feminist

Her description  then:

She tells Playboy in the interview that accompanies the photo spread that she is a feminist, saying, “I wanted to pose for Playboy to show that we’re not asexual man-haters.” She also told Playboy that her future plans as an Anthropologist included a desire to study sex in other cultures around the globe.
I could give a damn if this women posed for Playboy, Hustler, or Space and Aviation Weekly. I don't give a damn if she goes off to Lower Slobivia and "anthropologically" studies the sex lives of aborigines forever.

But when she runs for public office, voters have a right to know not only what she claims to be, but for what she was.

Why? Because our past molds our present, and determines our actions in the future.

Could she have turned over a new leaf?

She's not only a modern-day Democrat, she's a Yale graduate. What are the odds?


Astrosmith said...

Well, I bet she had no problem breastfeeding those two boys.

Bob said...

Unless all that fullness is a result of silicone enhancement.

Anonymous said...

She has increadible breasts! At least she did in college. Best pair in that issue.