Monday, October 22, 2012

Do You ReallyThink They Earn It?

A few of our privileged elites that are living the really good life,
thanks to the money you dole out for your medical  needs

Notice that they are not all old white men. One is an oppressed and disadvantaged black victim of the evil white man - making only $36,438 dollars every eight working hours - compared to the evil white dude making a massive $73,424 every eight working hours.

How much more unjust can this nation  possibly be? Imagine the injustice of another victimized black man being unable to make more than $13.3 million a year.

Actually, when you are raking in more than a dollar a second, it all becomes a bunch of numbers.

Evil white dude William C could pay for my house in a day and a half,  but oppressed black victim Kenneth C. would take three days to pay it off.

As for me? It will take me 34 years to pay off my house.

I don't begrudge a man making a fortune in his lifetime if he actually worked for it, but these guys just sit in fancy offices and get subordinates to make decisions for them.  I do not believe any of these con men in five-thousand-dollar suits have actually earned a hundredth of what they are paid.

They are not the nation builders who preceded them. Not even close. They are not great leaders that will help to uplift us all. They are just few of today's parasitic leeches whose avarice and greed is helping to lead us all into ruin.

But..  they got theirs.  You? You can go to hell.

But pay your medical insurance premium before you do.

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