Sunday, July 15, 2012

Uni-Sex Toilets And Then Some

The U.S. Navy is scrapping urinals from new war ships because increasing numbers of female sailors are enlisting.

The change will be heralded by the Gerald R. Ford class of aircraft carriers, the first of which is due in late 2015.

Getting rid of urinals lets the Navy easily switch restrooms - or heads as they're called on the high seas - from male to female or vice versa, helping ships to adapt to the changing gender make up of crews.

The article goes on to say things about "placing women on combat vessels".  That seems relatively safe for the women if the vessel is an aircraft carrier, which most likely will never have more than a single shot fired at it, that "single shot being a nuclear torpedo, after which the mix of males and females in the crew won't matter a whit to the ensuing mushroom cloud.

Removing urinals is only step one for today's "modern" increasingly feminist navy. Uni-sex toilets are next, and then common berthing quarters.

Next thing you know, the guys and gals will be sharing the same bunk.

There is absolutely no way in hell any of this will improve the Navy's fighting ability. Those tough, machine gun- toting females killing aliens and monsters of all kinds you see in the movies? Don't kid yourself.  The only place you will find them is ... in the movies.

Adding  young, sexually available females to a navy crew of young, sexually driven males -  and then cramming them all into the highly cramped quarters of a warship and putting them out to sea for months on end - is a formula for disaster.

But it seems to always take a disaster or three to make Washington see the light.

Feminism is dying, along with the generation of man-hating females that created it. Lets not to let it take our military down with it in the process.

You may have noted I said " young, sexually available females", not young, sexually active females. They don't need to be active, just handy.  Females on board ships, drugged or not,  willing or not, will have intercourse forced on them.

Just think of the lawsuits and lost tax dollars. Just think how the navy will - and does - try to cover it all up.

Like I said, there's is absolutely no way in hell any of this will improve the Navy's fighting ability.

You want women in the navy? fine and dandy. There's plenty of jobs for them on shore. Just keep them off the ships that go out for months at a time.


Galt-in-Da-Box said...

McHell's Navy.
Or HITLERy's Navy?
If this and the fag cancer spread to the rest of our .mil, the inevitable revolution when Emperor Soros goes to grab our guns may yet succeed!
I hope we still have some brains in the Senate so it can be avoided.

texlahoma said...

Yeah, I agree, they're screwing up.