Saturday, July 07, 2012

Global Warming In Technicolor

The below global map shows the latest temperate readings around the world and shows the present variations from actual recorded historical averages, red being warmer, blue being cooler.

It shows the eastern part of the United States as above normal,  the  present heat wave everybody is talking about.

What else does it show?

Well, it shows that all of China, all of South America, all of Australia, all of India, England, Ireland, Alaska, Portugal, Spain, France, the Atlantic Ocean, the Pacific Ocean, the Indian Ocean,  The Baltic Sea, the North Sea, most of Africa, most of Europe, most of Canada, most of Russia... the list goes on an on...

... below normal.


So don't believe what you are being spoon fed by the American media, the Obama  Administration and the one-worlders at the U. N. and the Hague. And especially Al Gore, Mr. Carbon Tax himself.

The world is cooling and has been for some time now.

The real telling indicator from this latest world view is that all the oceans are cooler. After the sun, our oceans are the real driving machines behind our weather, not man-made co2. Ever heard of things like El Nino or the Gulf Stream? The co2 myth has been thoroughly  discredited by facts and evidence, something the American media and their buddies listed above all know, but refuse to report.


Because literally trillions of dollars in bogus "Carbon Taxes" are at stake, that's why.

And all these thousands of temperature records being broken? It was hotter in the 1930's. You corner one of these global warming fans with the truth and they'll say, "Well,  it's  hotter than it was last year at this time... that's a two-year record... Isn't it?"

That, or they'll skulk away,  accusing you of being both stupid and uninformed, that they're right and you're wrong, you are head-shakingly wrong, wrong,wrong.  Your facts don't count. Your facts were created out of thin air by  racist Obama haters. Only their facts,  facts - distributed by the likes of Al Gore - are right. 100% right. Forever.

One thing they will NOT do, is check out your facts, no matter their source.


Galt-in-Da-Box said...

I've said it before:
AGW/CC is based on spiritualism, not "science"; "Gaia"/Earth-bitch worship, not reality.
It's SUPPOSED to be hot in the Summer.

texlahoma said...

Bob - Glad to see your eyes are wide open on this, I saw the post title and was thinking:
"Doesn't Bob know that global warming is a tax scam?"

Bob said...

More than a scam, Tex, it's out-and-out robbery.

Astrosmith said...

But Bob, there's global warming in Eastern Europe on that map! Quelle horrible!