Thursday, July 19, 2012

The Chickens Are Coming Home To Roost

Syria is falling apart, coming unglued at the seams, dissolving into chaos. Should we give a hoot?

Well, Syria has the largest stockpile of chemical weapons in the world, according to the fear mongers at FOX news. I'm not at all convinced of that, considering how the United States and Russia have been manufacturing and stockpiling chemical weapons for decades.

Regardless, Syria does indeed have a lot of chemical weapons. If the Syrian government collapses, who will get their hands on them? For a certainty, the "rebels" fighting the Syrian government are not friends of  the West or Israel. Should the major terrorist groups get their hands on them, look for them to show up in an American subway, or in a building in Israel. Many thousands could die, making 911 look tame by comparison.

If we charge in and try to confiscate all the stuff, we will find ourselves in a deeper mess than we can now contemplate. Remember that Russia and Iran are steadfast allies of Syria. Our troops and weapons are all committed in other conflicts, so who or what would we use to do the job? These is no guarantee that bombing the supposed storage facilities would wipe them out in any significant number.

If we sit on our thumbs, what then happens if the Syrian government fails, the terrorists take over and get their hands on weapons they have been trying to get for decades? Sneaking a chemical weapon into the United States is much easier than trying to sneak in a dirty bomb, since there is no radioactive fingerprint on a chemical weapon  to search for. And with our wide open borders, just how hard could it be?

Damned if we do, damned if we don't.

How the hell did we get to this point?

This is the predictable result of something Americans believed to be a gigantic humanitarian event some 75 years ago, when we - along with a razor thin majority of the United Nations - created a new Israel for a modern Jewish Homeland.

Only problem was that it was created on already occupied Arab lands, something every Arab nation vehemently opposed. Thus, the first Arab/Israeli war began, in which the Jews - aided by America's and England's money and weapons -  won the day, and the all new "State" of Israel was secured.

Well... The Arabs did not appreciate any of this, as you can imagine, losing not only a lot of land to the Jews, but losing a war with them also, for which they placed the blame solidly on the United

Later, Egypt decided it had become powerful enough to throw the Jews out of what they called Palestine, and the six-day war commenced. Unfortunately for the Egyptians and the Arabs,  the Jews were fully equipped with the latest modern American fighter aircraft,  rockets, tanks and artillery, easily throwing back the Egyptian offense and chasing them back to the  Suez canal, Egypt's border.

This war ended, when on the night of the sixth day, the Russian Premier red phoned the American President and informed him that if the Jews were not stopped, the Russians would take unilateral action to stop them. So the U. S. president phoned the Israeli PM and said "stop", and the Jews stopped, potentially avoiding the start of World War III by seventeen hours. At that point, the Egyptians had had enough and signed agreements of non- hostility between them and Israel. For that agreement, the United States has paid Egypt 1 billion dollars a year, and Israel 3 billion dollars a year each and every year since then.

After that, it was jointly decided that - should another threat to Israel arise - America would handle it, keeping the Jews out of  fray to theoretically keep the more passive Arab states - and their Russian providers - mollified.

Since a state of war has existed between the Arab States and Israel and her allies since 1948,  when the Saudis hit the twin towers on 911, it was actually another act of war, not a terrorist attack.

What the 911 attack did do is give George Bush an excuse to attack Iraq, which had built up a massive military machine that Saddam Hussein intended to use against Israel. That's how we ended up in Iraq for a decade, not because of the 911 attack, but because we were - as agreed - protecting Israel from another of her enemies. If Saudi Arabian Prince Osama Bin Laden had not run to Afghanistan to hide after he committed the 911 attack, we would have never gone there.

So here we are.  Syria may lose its chemical weapon stockpile to Arab terrorists who fully understand something  most Americans are not even aware of... That we are still at war, that any attack -  including a chemical attack -  on the United States would be no more a terrorist attack on us than us using our drones anywhere and everywhere in Arab territories and States, just as we are now doing.

If the Arabs still fighting get their hands on some of these chemical weapons and use it against us, that's the way the cookie crumbles. We are at war with them. If President Obama lobs another hellfire missile from a drone at anther Arab target and a few dozen civilians die, that's the way the cookie crumbles. They are at war with us.

It turns out that the act of returning the Jews to a land long lost has serious long-term consequences.

And those consequences may soon get worse, much worse.

Call them consequences or chickens coming home to roost, it doesn't matter. The bill is coming due.


texlahoma said...

Personally, I think we should stay out of it.

Bob said...

I fully agree, but regardless of whatever we do or don't do, we're going to pay a price.

Galt-in-Da-Box said...

The Empire Of Debt is crumbling, but it's because of ALTRUISM. Israel is just one - albeit gigantic - symptom of the disease.
It's my opinion this war is already won by the Arabs, especially with the Nation Of Islam socialist in the White House. Look for him to look the other way and tell The Mistake On The Med to do their own dirty-work.
He's much more concerned with "white devils" that own guns, as the recent CIA activity in Aurora, CO gives away.

texlahoma said...

Off Subject - I just saw your comment on Galt's blog about End Game. Now you know much of what I know and believe. I'm glad to see you are open minded about such things. You must have seen it a just about the perfect time on your "journey to enlightenment". I started to try to lay some of that on you but didn't want to scare you off, besides Alex does a much better job explaining it.