Monday, July 30, 2012

Another Woman With Delusions Of Power

Farmers in Fauquier County are planning to bring their pitchforks to an Aug. 2 hearing before the Board of Zoning Appeals to protest the arbitrary treatment of one of their own. On April 30, Zoning Administrator Kimberley Johnson sent Martha Boneta an official cease-and-desist notice for selling farm products and hosting a birthday party for her best friend's 10-year-old daughter on her 70-acre Paris, Va., farm without a special administrative permit.
Johnson threatened to fine Boneta $5,000 per violation if she did not stop the alleged unlawful activities within 30 days. In doing so, Boneta's fellow farmers say, Johnson stepped far beyond her authority. They're supporting her appeal before the BZA because they rightly fear that left unchecked, this infringement on one farmer's freedom to make a living will spread to other agricultural enterprises like a dangerous pest.

$5,000 fine per violation. Insane.

Read the whole article, it's not long, but it shows what can happen when some broad with a hunger for power and control gets up and running like this Kimberly Johnson. They do not give a whit about the rules. They do not give a damn who they hurt. Their only goal is control and power over others. A good place to find these types is in city and county administrative positions, where they feel invincible.

Another place is apartment complexes that have female managers. They can be vicious. I suspect a few of them even get sexual satisfaction from such abuses of power.

I'll just bet you've run into one or two.

Fauquier County definitely needs a new Zoning Administrator.


texlahoma said...

I predict that if the gov goes with Agenda 21 and sends inspectors out to farms and ranches, telling the owners what they have to do or change, that's where you will see a lot of inspectors come up missing.
I think pretty soon they will have trouble getting people to be inspectors. Even though these people are power hungry, they are basically chicken sh*t and won't want to risk their lives. People are getting pushed to far and a lot of them will think, I've got nothing to lose anyway so I'm a least going to get the satisfaction of taking out this sorryass one world government piece of trash.

Galt-in-Da-Box said...

My question is, is the enemy as fearsome as they appear?
Just like 1776, we're talking about an empire of debt, teetering on bankruptcy.
England gave up when they realized it was cheaper to let go than keep fighting, and you can't tell me Canada or Mexico would welcome a threat to their sovereignty on their borders that would be the result of an 0bammunist victory:
Whenever the Kenyan communist opens his ignorant mouth away from the teleprompter he reveals himself a tyrant.

Bob said...

No,they are not nearly as fearsome as they appear.

Should the police and military decide they are not worth following their orders, they are finished.

By themselves, and without all their armed protection, they are nothing more than a small crowd of schoolyard-type bullies that deserve to get their teeth kicked in.

Realisticly, should the police and military finally realize their paychecks come not from the government but from the citizens, they may finally realize whose side they belong on.

Why is it so hard for some people to understand that the government has no money of its own, makes no money and never will. Every penny they disburse was first taken from the citizens.

But, as Vox and the ilk are fond of saying... MPAI.