Wednesday, July 04, 2012

And They Accuse Us Of Being Racist?

From the article:

"Shameful: Aaron Sorkin, Left celebrate Independence Day by slamming America; Update: Chris Rock joins in: ‘Happy white peoples independence day’; Don Cheadle laughs along; Zach Braff piles on."

"Happy white peoples Independence Day". That's as racist as it gets.

It would seem that many of the black race here in the United States no longer considers the Fourth of July as an American day of celebration, but one only for the whites. That indicates to me that those blacks no longer consider themselves as  "African Americans", but strictly "Africans".

OK, what next? The fulfillment of Louis Ferrican's dream of  an all black nation, his "Nation of Islam", carved out of a large segment of the United States?

Along with  the millions of Mexican Nationals hiding in dark corners all around the United States wanting the southwest to secede and join Mexico, what will be left of America?

Should those two totally racist "nation building" events occur, will the new citizens then force out of their new race-based nations all the whites they've had a blast bad-mouthing, hating, ridiculing, spitting on and in general attacking with mobs in public parks?

Most assuredly yes...but white women will be invited to stay, and many will, having been brainwashed and conditioned by the endless push of  the black man/white women pairing depicted in our movies, on our TV and in our centers of education.

There's one big hole in all their plans:

Where will they then get  their welfare checks and food stamps? Who will pay for their emergency room visits and their medicine? Who will be left in their new "countries" to pay the taxes for all that, since most of their new citizens weren't paying any taxes to begin with? If the Africans and Mexicans have to start supporting themselves,  their  brand-new nations will look like Ethiopia in no time at all, since the evicted whites will definitely not be in any sort of mood to be throwing any more money their way... ever again.

Interesting scenario, that.

With whites out of the picture, you will be able to count the days when they start blaming each other.

Interesting scenario, that.

You've no doubt heard of all those large, modern,  but totally empty cities China is - and has been - building around the world?

Maybe, just maybe , they've figured this all out already, and are now preparing for a mass exodus of refugees from a shredded and collapsing United states. If so, they may be planning to accept persons of intelligence and skill. And on the other end of the spectrum,  they may also accept a few persons whose only assets going for them are that they make good servants and slaves.

Interesting scenario, that.

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Galt-in-Da-Box said...

Here's some simple 0ba-Math most the nation appears to be ignoring:
first term+second term=THIRD WORLD