Sunday, July 01, 2012

If The Shoe Fits...

The Washington D.C. area is going to be without electrical power for several more days.

Well now.  Here's hoping that a whole lot of those Washington politicans and bureaucrats that want to close down our power plants, to hammer us with carbon taxes, to force us to live with less energy, get to broil in the heat, stumble in the dark, eat uncooked food and drink tepid water for the next few days.

Let's hope they have to fight massive traffic jams - spending hours in their cars - caused by all the traffic signals being out and many, many streets blocked by fallen trees and power poles.

Maybe they will finally start to smell themselves as their B.O. starts going off the chart because of the heat and humidity as they discover there's no water for baths or showers. (It take electricy - lots of it - to pump water around in a city) 

Let's all pray they finally realize that a nation without sufficent energy, a nation that charges ruinous costs for what energy is available, is a nation ging to hell in a handbasket.

But sadly, none of that will happen. The rule makers will simply jet off to some nice place where the power is still plentiful, where the air conditioning is set at 68,  where there are no traffic disruptions, and all their drinks have plenty of ice,

The local residents, the paper shufflers and servants for the mighty, are the ones that will suffer through all this heat and darkness. And since the Washington area population is over 80% black, there must be something raciss about this whole thing.

Keep an ear out for Jackson and Sharpton... They will surely find something to scream about over all this, and - of course! - demand more federal money be squandered trying to do something about the obvioulsy raciss Gaia, mother of the earth, creator of all weather, and protector of all things soft and fuzzy. (except for humans)


Astrosmith said...

Thought you would love that story; I do too.

Galt-in-Da-Box said...

*high fives Bob*
Dat RIGHT, Brotha!
*stands in middle of street shaking hands a thousand ways for half an hour*