Monday, July 30, 2012

Harbinger Of Things To Come

If you're smart, there's one of these in your near future.

NEW DELHI (AP) -- Northern India's power grid crashed Monday, halting trains, forcing hospitals and airports onto backup power and providing a dark reminder of the nation's inability to feed a growing hunger for energy as it strives to become an economic power.

While the midsummer outage was unique in its reach - it hit 370 million people, more than the population of the United States and Canada combined - its impact was softened by Indians' familiarity with almost daily blackouts of varying duration.

Well now. What caused this calamity? More and more Indian citizens can now afford energy hungry air conditioning, and they were all using their units this particularly hot day. Boom... down went the overloaded system. They simply demanded more power than their system could provide.

What's generally not known is that 40% of India's one billion citizens don't even have electricity, that India doesn't have the power producing capability to provide for all of it's citizens... something the United States has been able to do for decades.

Wait until that mad woman Lisa Jackson at the EPA and her glorious leader Barak Obama finish shutting down all our coal fired plants. We will then be ripe for repeated  massive system failures across the entire nation whenever some particularly hot day arrives

You just cannot  remove thousands of gigawatts of energy from a system already operating on the edge and not expect repeated brownouts and blackouts. This is not supposition or guesswork. It's simple math. You shut down all that generating capacity and there simply will not be enough power to go around.  Entire counties and districts will be shut off for who knows how long so the big cities can keep their lights on. Live in a small town? Too bad.

Wondering what Lisa and Barry are doing to replace those lost gigawatts?
Nothing. Zero. Zip. Nada.

Their attitude is that you will just have to do with less, since they believe you use too much of everything already.

Soon - very soon - the United States will be like India, unable to provide the energy the country needs to run on a daily basis, thanks to the lunatics in Washington.

You folks in places like Phoenix... better get a backup generator, one big enough to run your cooling system.

You're gonna need it.


Reuters) - Grids supplying electricity to half of India's 1.2 billion people collapsed on Tuesday, trapping coal miners, stranding train travellers and plunging hospitals into darkness in the second major blackout in as many days.

Can it get worse? Oh yes. Sudden shutdowns like this can burn out and destroy all manner of  system equipment - transformers, fuses, switches, etc. - that can take days or weeks to replace.


texlahoma said...

Good advice, I don't have a generator or the bucks to get one. Maybe I can save up enough to get one eventually.

Galt-in-Da-Box said...

Honda makes what consumer reports to be the best one.
I'm going to look into it.
Storm took most of my half of the state off the grid last month...sucked!